ANA LAVERDE delivers exclusivity, design, leather and color in each of its pieces of leather goods, reflecting on each limited collection the extroverted, modern and emotional personality of the designer.

Dedicated to stylish, cheerful women, who love to have their own style, to differentiate, to stand out, to be unique.

We are a 100% Colombian brand that works only with the best national leather export quality, developed  in one of the biggest  tanneries of Bogotá under strict and responsible environmental processes. We and them  hand by hand seek to re-position Colombia as one of the strongest markets in leather goods design in America.

Our philosophy is framed under a perfect balance between design, and consciousness on what we wear;  as our logo  expresses it.

The amount of elements arranged on each elegant and cheerful handbag design,  allows our clients to be extroverted and exclusive in their own way.

Our slogan “HAPPY WOMEN COLORFUL HANDBAGS» shows our belief on how color exalts each women personality and daily mood, what we chose to wear and use it´s definitely a reflection of how we feel every day!

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